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The BSNL prepaid recharge offers a convenient method to keep your mobile connection active. The BSNL online recharge for prepaid mobile can also be done using the BSNL online recharge easy recharge method. The step-by-step method for doing a BSNL online recharge for prepaid mobile is as follows:

  1. From the BSNL website:

    Log on to this BSNL site (Online/Recharge of BSNL prepaid mobiles), select ‘Recharge’ (fixed amount to be selected from drop down menu) or ‘Flexi Top up’ (user can enter desired amount). Then select your Bank from options available, log into Banks Netbanking and debit the amount. For SBI, use the BSNL online recharge by SBI debit card.

  2. From Banks website:
    Login to respective Banks website using Netbanking using username and password.
    (b) Select the option that will allow BSNL online recharge for prepaid mobile
    (c) Enter your mobile number & amount for recharge.
    (d) You should receive an sms to confirm the transaction

  3. From  other service providers sites e.g. Ezitop, Sulekha, One Stop recharge, Recharge it Now, etc.:

    (a) Register & login to these portal’s
    (b) Select BSNL as the phone company
    (c) Enter details such as mobile umber, amount of recharge
    (d) Select payment option - payment gateways e.g. Paypal, etc., credit card, Netbanking, etc. and complete the BSNL prepaid recharge.
    (d) You should receive a sms to confirm the transaction.  
    (e) If it fails, mention at the Consumer Complaints site.

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